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There are so many products out there! It is very easy to get overwhelmed. I think trying things out and seeking feedback from reliable sources and reviews is a great way to get educated about it. There are great companies that send trial packages out, so we can try their products for free 🙂 To me the unspoken message that these companies are sending is: 1. we do trust our products 2. we do care about you.  Another thing that requires attention: a reasonable return policy… and of course, good customer service.

Some things will take some trial by error and it will happen a lot; not all baby wipes are created equal; I am going to leave at that for now. Bottles are a huge deal, not an easy purchase… we all know that buying things for others is often an challenge and somehow we forget that the same applies when it comes to our babies! Lol. I keep telling myself that the choices that I make for her today will impact her long term, and I want her to be happy, healthy and be in an environment that will allow her to be just that

It is fun… the learning is fun… if I knew then what I know now, would have made some better choices. I tell my baby all the time: “… I did not know, but it will be better…” I swear she understands me because I can see forgiveness in her ways and a smile that brings me comfort.


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Hi I’m Cris, 45 year old new mom to a beautiful baby girl, Brianna. I was an aspiring multilingual contract lawyer with big career and academic goals. These days I spend time deliberating non negotiable feeding times, diaper changes and engaging in baby talks that defies all legal jargon any day of the week. Being a new mom I decided to start blogging about motherhood and share my experiences with Brianna as well as gain wisdom/help from other moms. From the changes that my daughter brings to my life on a daily basis and learning how to turn lemons into lemonade. Did I mention I am also a mompreneur?!? I am multilingual business woman (Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish) with over a decade of experience in Corporate America with a lot of interests… but spending time in raising and caring for my daughter is unquestionably my main focus while finding opportunities to provide a better future for my family and helping other moms do the same. Let’s get to know each other. I will bring the juice boxes and coffee.

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