Are you kidding me…



I was not kidding. I am here!!!!

My goal for 2013 to address my mid-life crisis was to go to Law School. I even had created an email account to reflect that 2013 was all about Law. A long time goal that has been in the works for years, and the time never seem right to go for it. Well, that is not how 2013 happened for me. I had a baby…and I was 45 years old. Now I am a mommy. A mommy  blogging. I have so much to talk about it: bottles, diapers, clothes, feeding, toys, books, languages, music, products (huge category when it comes to babies!), naps, bath time. The list goes on… solid foods will start really soon!! Imagine what those days will bring in! More laundry 🙂

My goals have changed, my priorities have changed. Law School is on “hold” status; there are other business opportunities in the making. I am speaking more Portuguese than ever!! I am a native Brazilian, and want my daughter to learn languages other than her primary language. I am a mommy blogging, happily blogging about baby and me 🙂




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